ARMS® V2.5 - Aviation Resource Management System:
SDS’s flagship product Aviation Resource Management System is now in its second avatar (V2.5) and is a truly Integrated System. It has been designed, developed and tested to address the most challenging environments in your Airline operations. ARMS V2.5 is an enterprise-class management system that allows aviation businesses to align their processes and functions to best industry practices and meet statutory compliance requirements. Built on the robust and proven Microsoft platform, the software is capable of driving automation to the core of each business process. This allows you to exploit the universal benefits of automation and apply them to your resource - dependent functions, thereby dramatically reducing overheads and improving profitability almost immediately. Built around separate yet modular Sub-Systems, ARMS V2.5 addresses every functional area of your aviation business.

ARMS® V2.5 is categorized as below:
ARMS® (V2.5): For Airline & Air Cargo Operators
ARMS® NS: For Charter & Non-Scheduled Operators

InfoPrompt® An Integrated Document Management System:

Any enterprise today is deluged with information and data pouring in from every corner of the business. In addition, the easy availability of the internet has exploded the scope of individual content consumption. Within your Enterprise, identifying the urgent from ‘important’ and the imortant from the ‘waste’ is the comparatively easy part. Providing a simplified platform for content creators, publishers and auditors to create, edit, publish and distribute content - content that integrates with existing functions in a seemless and productivity-enhancing way is a bigger challenge.

Over the last two decades, IT has played a major role in managing information and knowledge across industries. The Gurus of Knowledge Management, Georg Von Krogh and Ikujiro Nonaka, describe the knowledge-enabling of an enterprise as a 5 step process:

  • Instill a Knowledge Vision
  • Mobilize Knowledge Activists
  • Manage Conversions and Interactions
  • Create the right Context
  • Globalize Local Knowledge

InfoPrompt® is an Integrated Management System that caters to the entire value chain of Collating, Authoring, Publishing, Distribution and Management of documents and information. InfoPrompt® is absolutely industry-independent. click here to learn more.

InfoPrompt® is an enterprise class solution that can of course be used effectively in the airline industry for managing policy and technical documents. For an aviation expert to contact you, and to showcase how you can leverage InfoPrompt’s remarkable agility and collaboration features, click here.

eDOCs Reader:

A dedicated and secure Web Browser for controlled access to the digital content managed by InfoPrompt® over Internet, Intranets & Extranets.

Delta.Net® - Distance Education, Learning & Training Academy on the Net:

An integrated e-Learning-cum-Learning Management Systems for education and training establishments.


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